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Young Ballerinas


Age Guide: 3-5 yrs (preschool)

This class explores the basics of jazz and ballet technique made accessible through stories, music, nursery rhymes and games. For this age group, dance is a great way to work on gross motor skills, confidence and burn some of their endless energy!

Dance Studio


Age Guide: 5-8 yrs (Kindergarten - Year 2)

Catering to early primary age children, this class offers a mix of jazz, ballet and contemporary styles. Lessons are not restricted by a particular syllabus, but focus on building the fundamental skills of dance technique and performance. Dance performance is introduced through learning short routines, allowing students to build their movement and memory skills as well as confidence.

Young Ballerinas


Age Guide: 8-11 yrs (Year 3-6)

This class explores a variety of dance styles, which include jazz, ballet, modern/contemporary and lyrical. Lessons are not restricted by a particular syllabus, but establish and develop dance technique, performance and compositional skills. With a specific focus on performance, learning extended dance works and routines is a large component of these lessons. This also introduces the fundamentals of dance choreography, allowing students to explore their own creative process and movement.

Modern Ballet Dancers


Age Guide: 11-14 yrs (Year 7-9)

Shaped around the components of performance and composition, this class explores the styles of ballet, modern/contemporary, lyrical, jazz and musical theatre. Lessons are not restricted by a particular syllabus, however aim to complement dance curriculum classes taught in secondary schools. This includes learning about renowned dance pioneers and choreographers in order to understand stylistic features and compositional processes.

Dancer in Studio


Age Guide: 15+ (Year 10 and beyond)

Catering to late high school and beyond, this class offers a mixture of ballet, jazz, modern/contemporary, lyrical and musical theatre styles. Like all our classes, lessons are not restricted by a particular syllabus, however aim to complement dance curriculum taught in secondary schools. With a focus on mastering performance and composition skills, this class would particularly benefit those wishing to study or are currently studying HSC Dance.

Dance Lesson


All ages welcome!

Private dance lessons can be booked for 1:1 or small group teaching. This is an opportunity for students to gain highly personalised training, which can focus on a specific style, skill or dance project such as solo or small group choreography. 

HSC Dance tuition is also offered as an option, where senior students studying Dance curriculum in high school gain additional support with their practical exam works and preparation.

Lessons need to be booked in advance and are available between 30-60 minutes.

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